6-12-16: The Application for Discovery Charter School has been submitted to Novation Education opportunities (NEO) today.  We hope to hear soon on the status of our application

7-22-13: Good news!  our application to start a charter school has been approved by NEO (the authorizer).  The next step is for the authorizer to submit an affidavit to the Minnesota Department of Education.  Hang in there!

8-6-13: The Authorizer (NEO) has submitted an affidavit to the Minnesota Department of Education on behalf of Discovery Charter School.  We hope to hear back within the next three months.  

12-11-13: Today the Minnesota Department of Education approved our school.  Thank you to all the volunteers who made this long journey with us.  Now the real work work begins!

1-16-14: Discovery Charter School has incorporated.  We have adopted our articles of incorporation and bylaws.  The IRS has also issued us a Tax ID nu,ber today.

2-25-14: Yaay!!! Today the Education Commissioner signed an order to bring Discovery Charter School officially into existence.  Our charter number has also been issued.  We are charter school number 4221.