Welcome to the Marvelous World of Music!

We have a lot of fun in music class at DCS! We use an interactive music program called Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music™. I use activities, songs, and some videos from the Quaver program as part of my lessons on everything from theory and playing instruments to music history. Our students love to go to the website, QuaverMusic.com, which they may use in class or at home to create music and play music games. On this kid-friendly website, they can compose their own original music with cutting-edge Creatives, compete in Mini-Games, contests, and challenges, travel through time and space to uncover musical genres, and win awards for using their musical knowledge and imagination.


My First Performance

At the beginning of October, the kindergartners at DCS put on their first performance for their classroom teachers and the principle. They worked so hard getting ready for this first performance and they did a fabulous job. I have to thank Ms. Soley, the art teacher, for her help in having the students create their own duck masks to wear.

Music Cultures

The 7th grade students started off the school year learning about different musical cultures around the world. We started off in Trinidad talking about Calypso music. They learned that the Limbo actually originated with Calypso music, and they even got to perform the Limbo themselves! We also spent some time learning about Italian Folk Music, Folk Music from Botswana, and Bluegrass Music from the Appalachian area of the United States. While learning about Bluegrass music we had a local Bluegrass band come in and perform for us!

bluegrasss music.JPG

science of sound.JPG

The Science of Sound

Our DCS 6th grade students spent November and December working on their Science of Sound projects. The students had to create a written and graphic poster board design and oral presentation that included each of the following goals:

Goal 1: Research two contrasting instruments of your choice, and create a written and graphic presentation of their sounds.
Goal 2: As part of your presentation, describe and demonstrate the vibration, frequency, amplitude, and materials of your contrasting instruments.
Goal 3: Create a unique QSynth sound; write and explain how you created it.
Goal 4: Explain the role of an audio engineer.
Goal 5: Present one effect an audio engineer may add to a piece of music and what effect it has on the music.

Playing Boomwhackers

In December the 1st graders got their first chance to learn a song using Boomwhackers! They had a lot of fun learning to play along with different notes and rhythms using the song Let It Snow. I am very proud of how hard they worked to master this song in just one day.


It’s Recorder Time!

In January the 3rd graders started learning how to play the recorder. We have learned how to play notes B, A, and G along with a number of fun songs such as Hot Cross Buns, Recorder Shuffle, Perry the Sheep, and Level Up. We will be showing off our recorder skills at the Spring Showcase later this year.

The Rap Project

In March the 4th graders embarked on The Rap Project. Students will be working in groups to create an original rap including composing their own backing track and writing their own lyrics. The students will be performing their completed rap songs to a small audience of their classmates. A few groups may even be brave enough to perform their rap at the spring showcase.



The Commercial Project

In March the 5th graders started working on their Commercial Project. This project involves writing a commercial about a fictional product, school event, or school charity function. The project consists of 5 goals:

Goal 1: Create, compose, write, and produce a 60 to 90 second commercial for a fictional product.
Goal 2: Working in groups of four, each team will create a product and write the advertisement copy for the product.
Goal 3: Compose a piece of live backing music that is played by the group while a piece of written “ad copy” is read by a member of the group.
Goal 4: Compose an ending jingle that is sung over the top of music created in QGrooves or QComposer.
Goal 5: Perform the commercial with product pictures, costumes, live music, and jingle music in front of a live audience.


After returning from winter break the 7th grade started on a new adventure with bucket drumming. With buckets donated by the Inver Grove Heights Home Depot and sticks purchased with PTO donations, the students have been enjoying making (loud) music while learning about rhythms and music reading. For more information about our bucket drumming curriculum, check out this link!

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