Welcome to STEM!

STEM is the acronym for the study of the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math all bundled into one! A large aspect of STEM is using the Engineering Design Process - a step by step cycle that guides students to brainstorm, plan, design, create, and improve their own projects as they see fit.

Through the year students will work to plan, create, and design projects of many kinds. This year, all grades will focus on structures, electricity, and flight.


1st Grade - Supporting Structures

1st grade has been looking into the natural structures that we see around us everyday - trees! Learning about how trees support themselves, first graders challenge is to build trees that can not only support themselves freestanding, but also hold the weight of 20 small paperclips! Looking good!


6th Grade - Bridge Design

In 6th grade, students have the challenge of researching, designing, and creating their own bridge. They can choose from any bridge and decide what materials to use and how much. As long as it can pass the final weight test!