Pre-Kindergarten (4K) at DCS!

4K Program Forms:

4K at DCS is our four-year-old pre-kindergarten day program.

Hours of operation are from 7:30am – 2:45pm and

will coincide with the DCS calendar.

We are very excited to be going into our fourth year of offering a four-year-old pre-kindergarten (4K) day program. The programs licensed through the Department of Human Services, and is offered through our  Community Education program. Our 4K will coincide with the DCS 2023-2024 calendar and include 172 student contact days, starting on September 5th, 2023.

The Discovery 4K program has been designed as a full-time program that includes structured pre-reading (Happily Ever After), math (Saxon), and social development curricula.

The 4K students will have access to the nutrition program. DCS will provide breakfast and a mid-morning snack. Lunch will be available to students who would like to participate. Meals/snacks will be served in the 4K classroom.

The 4Ks will not be required to wear DCS uniforms, but DCS wear will be available if parents wish to purchase any items.

The tuition for the year has been set at $ 6020.00 and can be paid in 10 monthly installments. The first month’s payment ($ 602.00) will be due August 15, 2023. This tuition has been set to provide a low cost opportunity for our 4K community and adequate funding for a self-sustaining program. We are also accepting childcare assistance within Dakota County for those who qualify.


We want to provide 4K families a separate time for pick up and drop off. The drop-off time will be scheduled right after K-8 drop off, and pick-up times will be scheduled to be before K-8. 4Kers can be dropped off and picked-up with their older siblings. We will keep them in the Discovery Club for a few extra minutes in the morning.

The daily schedule will be determined by our licensed pre-k staff and the DCS administration.